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Since 1998 Audio Lotion have been floating in the smallish but cosy bath tub of the Swiss Electronica scene. While in the early days still covered in the thick foam of fluffy ambient sounds and complex Drum´n´Bass grooves, inspired by LTJ Bukem and acts of the Moving Shadow label like Photek etc. (i. e. intelligent Drum´n´Bass of the 90s), Audio Lotion set off to enrich the rising D´n´B scene in Switzerland. From the very beginning, their distinctive characteristics were elegance, simplicity, and smooth and pleasurable vibes.

The different styles have been integrated into a hybrid new sound. The mission is not to be avantgarde or dogmatic but rather to create "beautiful music" which touches people and sets them in motion.

On their way to explore new territory, Audio Lotion is supported by an illustrious circle of "New Latinary" guest musicians: Noreen, Martin M., Abu and Th. Isaac lend their unique voices, the "Funkadelic Brass Ensemble" deliver powerful and sappy horn arrangements and with "Conjunto Terciopelo", Audio Lotion could engage an experienced and versatile percussion duo.
Audio Lotion got themselves noticed, with their stylisch debut Album "Advanced Skin Care" in 1999. Tempting Drum 'n' Bass and jazzy downbeats, mixed with ambient and latin elements, proved their firstborn.
After "Your Sonic Beaty Case", a solid follow-up was released in Switzerland in 2001, Audio Lotion blow up their till then creative window one year later (2002) and showed with "Iadelante!" a pure original latin album, which with easy going Bossa-Nova-Grooves, simple melodies and the magical voice of female vocalist Noreen, which created sexy moods. Finally with this album Audio Lotion created awaress beyond the Swiss borders..
Even in the same year the Album "¡adelante!"(mole046-2) with a slightly different tracklisting and new artwork was released on Mole Listening Pearls internationally.

In 2004 questions were raised (according to daily papers and various radio stations) what the two guys, "Audio Lotion" the alias of René Luther and Alex Gamma from Zurich, had to do with "Sex and the City". Well, three tracks were added to the soundtrack of the internationally acclaimed US TV series, which got their music even more noticed across the Swiss borders.
And also far beyond the borders of Switzerland is the forth Audio Lotion album "metrosensual" (mole060-2) which takes the listeners on a journey around the world. This is further clarified by the layout of the album: On a map of the world, the names of the tracks have been placed like names of cities. Who would not want to live in these places where the music pulsates?

For nearly three years, Audio Lotion has worked intensively on "metrosensual", and have sacrificed everything for it. With a lot of pleasure in the music, with humor, and sometimes with a little irony, René Luther and Alex Gamma have created a complex work of art, that will again inspire. It is not easy to describe the style of Audio Lotion. It is audio lotions; from Latin and oriental sounds, Nu Jazz, Bossa- and Ambience elements - no liability assumed for completeness.
But above all, René Luther and Alex Gamma are producing sensual music. The title of their forth album, the neologism "metrosensual", fits their musical world tour excellently.The success of their music up to now proves the two from Switzerland right: They are well known to and popular with the listeners and music fans, their contribution to film and advertising is in demand.

Audio Lotion - their name is their program. (This) audio lotion should be part of your everyday necessities like eating and drinking, Audio Lotion is not just necessary for the ear but for the heart and soul. Best taken several times a day.

Audio Lotion stands for delight. Each one of their album releases had the press plunder their hitherto carefully locked treasure chest of superlatives : "The perfect lounge sound", "Music as essential for your daily needs as eating and drinking", "Indispensible for body and soul". Music that sweeps up a wave of adjectives from the journalist's heart: "refreshing", "pleasurable", "relaxing", "sensual", or even "sexy".
And as the icing on the cake, almost as if to be knighted, the crative music of Audio Lotion made its entry into the queen of all life style TV series: "Sex and the City".

After the album "metrosensual", the following release "The Finer Essence" draws on the first three albums of the Zurich-based duo, two of which have never been released outside of Switzerland. Audio Lotion's first three albums – their "Swiss period", as it were – are now presented on "The Finer Essence". Twenty-seven tracks, including exclusive songs from the original Swiss version of "¡adelante!" that have not yet made an international appearance. Music that has already earned its place in the lounge universe. "Music as essential for your daily needs as eating and drinking", as the journalists say.
If Audio Lotion’s fifth album were the soundtrack for a crime, then the latter would have been committed out of love and passion in self-defense: our hero was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, too often – well, "Bad Timing" - and he knows too much...
Mr. Gamma is on the run, in a silver-grey Jaguar XKR, racing along the Côte d’Azur from Nice via Eze sur Mer towards Monaco. At the wheel there’s a cross between Jason Bourne, 007, and Ethan Hunt, betrayed by friends and foes, hunted by his past. Escape, start anew somewhere, or face his pursuers and wipe them out? In a speedboat across the rough Mediterranean Sea to Algier. There, those dogs almost get him! Through the deadly Sahara into the orient. Waingro, an old contact in Beirut, provides him with the necessary gadgets. The chase continues with 140 BPM! Run, hide, or die!

Such scenes are being conjured up before the mind's eye when hearing the album. But Audio Lotion add a good measure of irony to their play with the spy movie genre.
The title "Bad Timing" and the visual design of the album showing the spy who did'’t "come in from the cold", but "tripped at the most unfortunate moment", already suggest that there’s not always an invincible hero à la James Bond behind the wheel, but sometimes a Maxwell Smart or an Inspector Clouseau. One is reminded of a likeable, but slightly awkward, protagonist who, at the decisive moment, lacks the necessary quantum of luck – and, well, timing. Every once in a while, the music picks up that theme, too, and produces a rhythmical hiccup, an odd melody or a not completely serious bit of movie dialogue.
And although all this is served with the necessary touch of "‚amusement", deep inside, one never really doubts that the hero of the stories the album tells is the coolest guy in the business.

However, the album "Bad Timing" deserved even more superlatives: the duo from Zurich puts into motion a one-hour power plant of feelings. A musical thriller that sends a neuronal firework from the brain stem into the cortex and produces fantastic images and stories. "Bad Timing" is eustress with its most positive (scientifically proven) effects on body and soul. The album motivates and stimulates.

The biggest compliment for Audio Lotions' new album could be described as "inspiration".

"Bad Timing" has the potential for a masterpiece, the potential for inspiring and influencing other artists in their work. The energy of a piece of art creates new energy for new works of art. Be it design, painting, sculptures, literature, music or film.

Not only artists in a creative crisis should free up front row space for Audio Lotion's "Bad Timing" in their first-aid CD shelf.


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metrosensual (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3

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El Insecto Video (groß | klein)
(shot @ Hotel Seefeld in Zurich, Switzerland)

Audio Interview:

Audio Lotion talks about the album "Bad Timing"

Audio Lotion and "Sex and the City":

Three tracks from Audio Lotion are included into the episode 6 from "Sex and the City". All three tracks you can find also on the current album from Audio Lotion: ¡adelante! (mole046-2). The 6th Season of "Sex and the City" was telecasted every tuesday, 21.15 pm at Pro 7.

The three songs from Audio Lotion you can find in the following episodes:
- Episode 84: Boy, interrupted, 03: Carrie thinks and types. Title: As Velas (from the CD: ¡adelante!)
- Episode 90: Out of the frying pan, 09: Carrie tries to comfort Samantha. Title: Jacuzzi Jazz (from the CD: ¡adelante!)
- Episode 93: An American girl in Paris (Part Une), 03: The girls have their last dinner together. Title: El Mensaje (from the CD: ¡adelante!)

For more information, please visit the official page: "Sex and the City (episode 6)"

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