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stream and line become a form

felka was founded by the five (left) members in 1997. From the very beginning they knew where they wanted their journey to go: to the clubs where usually only the DJs play records. They regard themselves not as a competitor to the DJ but as supplementation. So people were surprised when they first started to play in the middle of a DJ-set, but it worked. DJs and their live set became a unique fusion in the clubs of Switzerland
Felka's music is as powerful as charming, driving forward and dropping. So the five Swiss guys from various musical backgrounds made their ways into the ears and hearts of their Swiss audience. So soon there was demand for a longplay album.

To keep up with their own standard of quality, the recording of their first studio-album took more than one year's time. Their first born entitled "stromlinienbaby" (meaning "stream-line-baby") is a unique mixture between future electronic and drum & bass. The recording was made using modern electronic equipment as well as the "hand-made" sounds and music of guitars, bass, drums and sax

felka: stories without words, pictures made out of sound. Live and on CD.

< felka live at Tunnelkult (Heidelberg, Germany)


Stromlinienbaby (Mole Listening Pearls - mole028-2) CD, mp3
Enter Delete Return (Kook Berlin-New York) CD

Sightseeing in Paradise (Mole Listening Pearls - mole016-6) 12"
Chic A Tout Prix * (Mole Listening Pearls - mole027-6) 12"

*inkl. The Timewriter Remix

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