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Colleague Yonderboi once shouted while listening to one of the tunes from the album, "Hey, this is like a drunk robot dancing!" And this may be a valid definition for the word Contrast: the metallic and cold surface of the music acts together with an intoxicated uncertainty and irregularity. We could say it is a dark mood that characterises the album, but we will not, because the atmosphere that Gabor Deutsch creates is a very uplifting and special one. Almost all musical genres of the past decade (hiphop, downtempo, d`n`b, industrial, nu skool breaks, easy listening, ambient and house) are present on Contrast. Instead of clichés, the listener is able to enjoy these familiar styles as perceived by a fresh talent. Futurism is obviously present in Mr. Deutsch's music, but his vision of the future also includes the primordial element of soul.
For Gabor, composition is mainly a game of sounds, recognition and application of mathematical laws, and the demonstration of technical skills. Contrast can therefore not be pigeon-holed into a specific category, the concept behind the work is larger than names we give music. This album is a unique treat for all ears that are open to the beauties of irregularity. Recommended both for Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.
The quiet, young, perfectionist Gabor Deutsch has become known to lovers of electronic music throughout Europe in the past few years. We can proudly say that the musical forms he uses are between symmetry and irregularity The strong and unique musical atmosphere that he creates will shock those who connect the notion of electronic music with soullessness..
Gabor grew up in the shadow of the Iron Curtain, in a little town near the border, where toy cars, cartoons, frogs, fag ends, examining little girls' panties and a flaming corn field were all parts of his daily existance. Rhymes and children's songs sung by his mother were Gabor's first musical influences. Rock and heavy metal mania followed when he went to elementary school. In high school, where he studied to be an electronic technician, he dicovered hiphop (the Beastie Boys made a very deep impression), but industrial music as well as other genres like techno (Nine Inch Nails and Prodigy) and finally acid and jungle influenced his musical tastes. An unfortunate event that shadowed his teenage years: at the age of 7 due to a malpractice, his left eardrum was seriously injured, therefore his next few years were dominated by never-ending visits to waiting rooms of private ear specialists and green halls in state hospitals. He still has problems with the perception of middle range frequencies

These days, Gabor Deutsch creates his compositions on a PC. He has been deeply involved in electronic equipment for some time. At the beginning of the eighties he learned the basics of computer science with the popular home computers C16 and C64. Then he stepped up to the Amiga 1200 and started creating tunes with the help of the four-track composing software, ProTracker. (Gabor still uses the PC version of this program). During his high school years, he played in a group called Promise. They won prizes many times at computer arts competitions called scene parties by creating various programs that combined mathematical algorithms with music and strange visual effects. Although he owned some books on computer science, he mastered graphical and musical applications by himself. He studied computer science, but instead of attending lectures he spent most of his time in the computer room and started to become involved in new things: Unix and the Internet. Gabor left school and began to spend more time composing. He made music for his pleasure, but also for other scene parties and for girls, eventually sending his demo tapes to various places round the world.

His first song was a tune called Sleeper, which appeared on the compilation album Future Sound of Budapest vol 2 by Juice Records. On this album he appeared as Anorganik. This release in the spring of 1998, was followed by a melancholic, slow and neat 12" record titled Chilly Motive EP in the same year. This mini album contains a song called Sunday Morning which, outside Hungary, was discovered by MOLE for the first time and later appeared on many other international compilation albums.
Gabor is receiving more and more requests for remixes. Since he remixed Metal Masters, a "Techno-Classic", produced from Sven Väth and released on the legendary label Harthouse, he has appeared on the single of a German band, leads a group called Morning Café, who perform live 2step/UK garage style tunes. In addition, he is one of the founders of the first Hungarian drum and bass label, Subscope.
Gabor plans to obtain a few basic electronic musical instruments in the near future to make his creative time more effective and to finish the dozens of unfinished tunes that could not appear on his first album simply to due time constraints.

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