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Geb.el, a native Austrian who now resides in London presents his version of URBAN MELANCHOLICA. FROM A DISTANT POINT OF VIEW is not an album which is limited to one style, but rather a psychic profile of an individual, who has chosen to show us his happiness (Love from the Sun feat. DIAN SORRELL), his past (I'm not in Love feat. CLEVELAND WATKISS) as well as his entire world-view (Schulfernsehen 3 A New Science) in musical portraits. In this work, deep-headz tunes (The Killer and The Chicken) melt seamlessly together with pure ambience (Raindance and Windscreenwipers) to allow the listener to reach an understanding of Geb.el and his distant point of view
Artist Info

Geb.el has long been influenced by Futurism, Jazz, and Soul. These influences are easily identifiable in his music, but this music is also new and exists independently in its own right.
At the beginning of the eighties, Geb.el started spinning Soul, Jazz and Hip-Hop. From behind the decks he witnessed the birth of both House and Techno. In these early days, these new musical directions were not always well received. Geb.el however, viewed House and Techno as simply the logical evolution of so-called "Black Music".
By way of his success as a DJ, Geb.el was able to begin making his own music in 1991. His first release, Escape, from the Sampler Danube Dance, went into the Italian radio dance charts "Los Cuarenta", although Escape was never available as a single.
In 1991, from a project called Verschärft, Geb.el released a piece entitled Blue Moon. Further House releases followed under the name Caypyrynha on the Italian labels New Music and Mantra, and again reached places in the charts.

At the same time, the Helmut Lang fashion empire began to show interest in Geb.el. Entering the fashion world, Geb.el produced the music for several shows in Paris, and received credits for his work - even in The New York Times.

In 1994, Geb.el began playing Drum n' Bass, which led to cooperation with the Uptight Label. Working with Uptight, Geb.el released further tracks and also did some remix work for the project Blackwing and the American Jazz legend Mark Murphy.
The current Geb.el album, FROM A DISTANT POINT OF VIEW, is a plane of sounds which brings the listener to collapse and relaxation. The vocal tracks, Love From the Sun and I'm not in Love, feature the New York Jazz vocalist Dian Sorrell and Cleveland Watkiss, who is world revered for his voice and Scat-Jazz MC styles.

Geb.el's music comes from his innards. Feelings, experiences, and impressions are expressed as a soundtrack.

FROM A DISTANT POINT OF VIEW is a call for tolerance-in music as well as in everyday life.


From A Distant Point of View (mole031-2) CD, 2LP, mp3
From A Distant Point of View - limited Edition (mole041-2) CD, 2LP, mp3
From A Distant Point of View - 2nd Edition (molelps006-2) CD ReRelease

Love from the Sun (Mole Listening Pearls - mole022-6) 12inch
What a long time (I´m not in love) (Mole Listening Pearls - mole030-6) 12inch