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Jean F. Cochois (JFC)

In 1970, Jean F. Cochois aka JFC was born into a family (in Darmstadt, near Frankfurt Germany) where music played a vital part in everyday life. Jean F. Cochois is a meticulous producer - nothing which is not 100% perfect will leave his studio "Silent Chamber". This self-imposed requirement seems to stem from his long-term education in classical music.

At the age of 16, he founded his first electronic band and experimented with home-made effect-processors.

Some years later, as member of Brigade Werther, he jumped on the EBM train and and did freelance compositions for avantgarde theatre plays like „Subtonik“ and „Exploding Faust“ at „Freies Theater“ in Frankfurt. These mutimedia performances earned him enthused reviews. He released five successful and critically acclaimed house albums on the label Plastic City under his pseudonym "The Timewriter": Letters From the Jester (1997), Jigsaw Pieces (1998), Diary of a Lonely Sailor (2002), Paintbox (2005) and Soulstickers (2007). His House style was once labeled as „21st century Soul“ by UK magazine „Muzik“. He produced the album "The Timerewinder" in 1994 but didn’t release it until May 1998 on Mole Listening Pearls - a timeless ambient collage.

End of 2009, he released his fourth electronic longplayer under the name Jean F. Cochois (on the first two albums just as JFC) and created a unique niche suited in the wide field of the genre Ambient/Electronic for his selection. His former releases - remixes for Enigma or Ex-Kraftwerk producer Wolfgang Flür (Yamo) amongst others - stand for new devised cliches and love for the music that lives in the details.

15 songs of an artist who walks his own ways with emotional denseness and expertly flair as regards sound and rhythm. These tracks came into being as demos, session recordings and finished tracks that have somehow been fallen into oblivion after being put on tape or CDR and stored in dusty drawers. It's a mixture of mainly electronic influence and also a bit of soul and jazz.

While listening to the material again Jean F. Cochois and Mole Listening Pearls had the idea to bundle some of these within a long player. The result is "Gold In The Attic".


The Timerewinder (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3

Chrome De Lux (Elektrolux) CD, mp3
Strange New World (Elektrolux) 12"

Electronique Love (Elektrolux) CD, mp3

Gold In The Attic (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3