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Johannes Huppertz

The autodidact Johannes Huppertz was born on 20th of July 1964, he was singer/songwriter and the leader of the band ćComix StripsŅ for many years. He has always been open minded about any kind of music and played with the very most different musicians in his hometown Cologne. So he worked with the today well known minimalist Mike Ink. (Studio 1), Peter Brings (Superjeile Zick), recorded songs at the Dieter Dierks Studios (Scorpions) and supported bands like Jeremy Day, Zeltinger Band and Chroming Rose.

He always stood between comercial rock music, pop music and artificial electronic sounds. Johannes Huppertz is a real fan of Andy Warhol. Pop Art ist his revelation. In all of his compositions he tries to mix tradition, zeitgeist and personal emotions. "My tracks are always a challenge to put these 3 elements into 4 minutes." His headline for his instrumental arrangements: "as much as needed, the least as possible."
He already released three albums under pseudonyms like "Area 42" and "Newton" and a lot of songs can be find on compilations from over the world. But now he dares the next step in his career: The first album under his real name "Johannes Huppertz" on Mole Listening Pearls. This album "Eternal Change" is a collective of timbres and sojnd experiences - like a trip into a world with dreams, astonishments and different emotions. Until the last song of the album "Piano Expression" the listener will appear in the real world again.
"Cafˇ International" was one of the most successful board games the late 80s. The guests of different nationalities must be placed at the tables of a cafˇ. Just playfully John Huppertz sees on his first album "Eternal Change" Lounge, Downbeat and Chillout to place in various sound environments. On his second album "Cafˇ International" for Mole Listening Pearls, he swirls the table orders of genres from song to song confused voluptuous.

So by this musical "get-together" it is like creating new friendships in a uncomplicated way. Unobtrusive friendly small talk, always create harmony in the search for new variations and interesting sound structures. The rhythmic and melodic always find the "the perfect moment", whereby the harmony structures always seems more important than simple "factory preset sounds".


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Breath Away
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