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Roland Voss aka Lemongrass lives and produces his music in a small town near Bielefeld in the north of Germany. His first active encounter with music happened in the field of Rock. Later, he began to turn to Funk, Jazz Rock, New Wave and HipHop before he let his experiences flow into Electronic beats. In 1993, he managed to release his first own CD "Wuwei" under the project name Succa V. Apart from DJing, he earned his living as Jazz drummer, percussion teacher and with music productions for commercials. His first Jungle tracks were released as Jungle Moon in co-production with Torsten Kötter in 1994. In 1997, the first Lemongrass track "Summertime" was released on the Incoming! "Submerged" compilation: this track was a D&B cover version of the timeless Jazz standard.

The first Lemongrass album "Drumatic Universe" was also released on Incoming! in May 1998 and was praised especially in France for the melancholic, dense and spherical D&B sound. After a short interlude with the side project Orbis, the Mole debut "Lumière Obscure" (mole017-2) from Lemongrass hit the stores and received much accolade by the music press while the accompanying single release "Comme Toujours" turned into a mellow club hit.

Spring 2000 witnessed the next album from Lemongrass "Voyage au Centre de la Terre" (mole026-2) on which he consistently further developed his style.

Even before he had time to react to the tremendously positive and manifold press reviews, he was already in the midst of the production process for his fourth album "Windows" (mole033-2) which was released in February 2001, containing the charming cover version of the Winnetou melody.

Roland´s quickness in producing is in complete contrast to the laid-backness of his beats and keeps on surprising the mole label managers.

The next Lemongrass album "Skydiver" will be released in March 2003 - another beautiful feelgood album within the universe of Downbeat, TripHop and D&B. Roland Voss aka Lemongrass stays true to himself and offers mellow vibes resting on fat slow-motion beats. On "Skydiver" you'll encounter creamy sounds, melting away like vanilla ice in the sunshine, making you float through wafting clouds which only Lemongrass can generate. Lemongrass forages his magic chest, from where he salvages elegiac atmospheres, bewitching flutes, lugubrious vocals and an oldfashioned musical box. He manages to easily fuse all these diverging elements and integrates them in a charming composition.

In contrast to his previous work, Lemongrass increases his focus on experimenting with slow-motion HipHop Beats, a feature which allows joyful relaxation without turning the album into a sleeping pill. Makes You Dive Deep Into The Sky!

The sunflower is a very special part of creation. It is graceful and proud. Despite all its beauty it is not just a treat for the eye but it also offers a lot of other values. "Fleur Solaire" - in english: sunflower - is called the 6th album (mole 56-2) of Roland Voss – founder of Lemongrass – a title that obligates. When you put “Fleur Solaire” in the CD player you will feel like a field of sunflowers that follow the sun like the mirrors of a solar power plant to absorb as much power as they can. Roland Voss manages as usual to pull the listener into his spell. With Drum n Bass, TripHop, Downbeat and the best of Lounge sound, Roland Voss takes you on a journey into a dream world of music. Chill-out for your body and wellness for your soul. "Fleur solaire", that also contains a few House elements, is good for active listening as well as relaxing background music and will soon be an integral part of your life.

Once the album stops there is an emptiness that can only be filled by pressing the play button again. When you follow Voss to his "Jardin" (title 5), accompany him to his "Petit déjeuner" (title 11) or "Body building" (title 12), you will immediately look for the repeat function of your CD or mp3 player.

Caution: It is addictive. The musician  - who produces near Bielefeld - harmonizes well with the singer Skadi from Hamburg with which he has recorded 6 titles of this album. With her smooth voice, Skadi asks the listener to follow her (title 13, "Come with me").

Who would refuse this offer? Roland Voss has again done a very good job and has proven his impressive versatility.All in all the new CD contains 14 titles that are varied, melodious, and rhythmic and that compose a great masterpiece. Just lean back, relax, and dream towards the (autumn) sun with Lemongrass and "Fleur Solaire".

If you want to make a time-travel, you need a time-machine. Or so you think. But you can do it differently - and more easily: Just take a CD player and the latest work "Time Tunnel" (2 CDs) from the founder of Lemongrass, Roland Voss, and off you go on an unbelievably exciting trip to the various and successful works of the last eight years of the artist, who produces in the proximity of Bielefeld.

"Time Tunnel" is not simply a "Best of..." album of Lemongrass, but rather a retrospective. In addition, Roland Voss has deliberately selected several unknown and until now unreleased tracks. The idea of "Time Tunnel" was to create a chronological order - which also applies to the two time-travels "Backward" (approx. 2003 - 1998) and "Forward" (approx. 1997 - 2003).

"All There", "Illusion", "Nightingales", "Umbalila", and "Ocean" are the five formerly unreleased tracks on the CDs, "La Plume", "Bucca", and "Elements" had been released on the CD "Solar Incense", that was only available in Japan. "Elements"? Yes, Roland Voss really is in his element. And obviously has a lot of fun. Unreleased tracks, remixes, alternative versions, and rare tracks - "Time Tunnel" offers real novelties and is to the ears what the American cult series "The Time Tunnel" used to be for the eyes: a (musical) adventure with many surprising turns, a brillant feat of fantasy. Easy, harmonious. Melodies you can´t get out of your head. On his time-travel, Voss also stops at some well-known musical milestones from his first five albums that were published in Germany. Some of the stops are, for example, "La musique" (Skydiver, 2003), "Journey To A Star" (Windows, 2001), or "La mer" (Voyage au centre de la terre, 2000). "Time Tunnel" also offers an impressive insight into the musical development of Roland Voss, the rise of his style from the beginnings to the present.

If you are a fan of Lemongrass: Don´t miss "Time Tunnel"! If you are interested: "Time Tunnel" is an ideal start, which will make you want more! Much more! Take your time for two time-travels with Roland Voss and Lemongrass! But watch out: this double CD will only be released in a strictly limited edition!

With Lemongrass one of the most persistent artists in the soundworlds between Downbeat, Trip-Hop, Nu-Jazz and Drum & Bass grow up a whole decade long. Nearly any Compilation with the finest lounge sound features one of his tracks. The double album “Beach Affairs” offers a detailed overview on the work of Lemongrass: The Highlights of the late albums on Mole Listening Pearls and the very own label of Roland Voss: Lemongrassmusic. Beside others you can find on "Beach Affairs" the highlights from the albums "Fleur Solaire" (2004), "Ikebana" (2005), “Filmothèque” (2007) and "Pour L'Amour" (2008).


Promise - first Lemongrass track on the compilation "For Films 2" (Freibank)
Summertime - on the compilation "Submerged" (Incoming!)
Sailing" & "Baiser Volés" - on the compilation "The Space Betwen The Gaps" (Incoming)

Drumatic Universe (Incoming!) CD, mp3

Lumière Obscure (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3
Comme Toujours (Mole Listening Pearls) MCD, 12", mp3

Falling Star (Mole Listening Pearls) 12", mp3
Voyage Au Centre De La Terre (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, 2LP, mp3

Windows (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, 2LP, mp3
Time Tunnel inkl. Journey To A Star, Rebirth, Cantaloup, La Plus Jolie ( Midsummer Remix) 12", mp3

Solar Incense (Receptortune) CD - Japan only

Skydiver (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3
Skydiver - Limited Edition (Mole Listening Pearls) 2CD - France only
Skydiver (Receptortune) CD - Japan only

Fleur Solaire (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3
Time Tunnel (72648H Retrospective) (Mole Listening Pearls) 2CD, mp3

Lemongrass Special iPod Shuffle (Mole Listening Pearls) iPod Shuffle inclusive 49 tracks

Bee incl. Minus 8 Remix (Mole Listening Pearls) 12", mp3
Drumatic Universe (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease
Fleur Solaire (Receptortune) CD - Japan only
Ikebana (Lemongrass Music) CD, mp3

Comme Toujours (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease

Falling Star (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease
Time Tunnel incl. Journey To A Star, Rebirth, Cantaloup, La Plus Jolie (Midsummer Remix) mp3 ReRelease

Filmothèque (Lemongrass Music) CD, mp3

Ambient Land (Lemongrass Music) mp3
Pour L‘Amour (Lemongrass Music) CD, mp3
Windows, Listening Pearls Series #5 (Mole Listening Pearls) CD ReRelease
Beach Affairs (Mole Listening Pearls) 2CD, mp3

Habla Mi Corazón (Lemongrass Music) mp3

Hypnosis (Lemongrass Music) CD, mp3


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