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ManMachineMan is a project of Jost Gerischer and DJ La Monde on the "Mole" label. Together they produce a broad range of music from downtempo, to jazz and funk infected triphop over moderate house beats or jazzy drum n'bass grooves.
Their work with four-to-the-floor beats for other labels like Plastic City, GAMB and the label Monoid Recordings has made it necessary, as they say, to have an alternative outlet to produce a different variety of music. Thus, ManMachineMan was born and their desingated outlet for production has become the Mole label.

"You can't listen to technoid beats all the time." says Jost. "When driving home from the clubs, you need music to relax and come down!" Levent explains:"This is another league, another level of making music. This doesn't have to be something for your feet only, than even more for your peace of mind."

When their album „TheRhythmDesignRising“ (mole006-2) was released in August 1997, they were already working on their second album. But unfortunately, the musical career of these two skilful talents took them in different directions. So we have to live with only one album from ManMaschineMan - we´re sorry...


TheRhythmDesignRising (mole006-2) CD, mp3

Electricity Babies incl. De-Phazz Remix (mole003-5) Single CD, mp3
Electricity Babies incl. De-Phazz Remix (mole003-6) 12"