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The diversity of his first album "viginti etduo" guides us through Marcel´s child-hood and all his musical influences, from his early techno days into jazz, ambient and drum and bass. The main core of all tracks is of soothing, relaxed atmosphere. The latin title of this album means 22 and reflects the young artist´s age at the time of the release-date. The Number "double two" also stands for the years he spent on extensive courses studying ancient greek and latin languages at university. The ambience of the album creates a soundscape which is even more remarkable if the listener considers the primitive and simple technology used for the recording. at the very end of the century it is a great achievement to record something this luscious and smooth with such tiny and simple gadgetry as Marcel did.
The sounds are rather versatile, indeed. from the ambience of "on the beach" featuring balage´s splendid guitar, to the electric mish-mash of "blue" and "spring rolls" or "tropical rain" which features a pumping drum´n´bass rhythm, though still smooth as silk, to the trombone, keyboard madness of "urban jazz" the track that closes this magnificient album.

The second album from Marcel Dudas, "Cirrus Maximus", builds upon the ambient and jazzy beginnings of his earlier works, but at the same time spans several musical genres from house to drum n' bass. The mood of the album is slightly melancholy and seems at times to look back to such artists as kraftwerk, yello, and hans nieswandt. for those seeking a finely textured, chilled-out vibe, "Cirrus Maximus" is well worth a listen.
Influenced by the music programs of 80´s television, Marcel started taking piano lessons at the tender age of 12. He progressed swiftly on to electronic synths and keyboards in a short time, whilst continuing his classical piano studies. Being brought up on classical music, but also listening to hip-hop and breakbeat fostered a strange, eclectic mix of interests and sounds. Creating music with primitive gadgets, two casette recorders and homegrown methods, Marcel established his basis.
"Techno" was the next logical step in Marcel's musical development (he had some guest appearances performing with the legendary hungarian live act Bernáthy & Sons), but this phase passed quickly, and he moved on to jazz and ambient.

These remain the core elements of marcel´s music, a soothing blend of relaxation. When equipped with some basic recording tools, some professionals wouldn´t even call a studio, the progress Marcel made was remarkable. The first fruits of his collaboration with Juice Records can be heard on the "Future Sound of Budapest", a compilation of contemporary young talents from hungary. More success greeted Marcel early in 1998, when the breathtaking "on the beach" vinyl 12" was released. A return appearance on the second installment of the "Future Sound of Budapest" series with the leading track from the 12" confirmed Marcel´s place on the forefront of the hungarian dance music scene.
"viginti et duo", Marcel's albums proved to be very successful. More recently, Marcel toured Germany with labelmate De-Phazz as part of the "Cookin Blue Tour" series of events. In all 8 major cities on the tour the young hungarian pleased crowds and left them with a very favorable impression of his musical abilities.


On The Beach (Juice Records) 12"

Viginti Etduo (Mole Listening Pearls - mole015-2) CD

Szállj (Mole Listening Pearls - mole018-6) 12"
Cirrus Maximus (Mole Listening Pearls - mole027-2) CD
Cirrus Maximus (Mole Listening Pearls - mole027-3) 2LP

Viginti Etduo
(Mole Listening Pearls mole15-4) MP3
Cirrus Maximus (Mole Listening Pearls mole27-4) MP3