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Founded 1998, their first TripHop/Downbeat Album „Basement Music“ was released and recieved rave reviews from Labels like Compost or Stereo Deluxe. For the highly acclaimed follow-up album „Music for collapsing people“ with bangin’ tracks like „Sinzing Sunset Boulevard“ (best 12" sales figures for Stereo Deluxe ever) or „Viama“ (also a 12" release), moodorama teamed up with the label Stereo Deluxe. In 2002, Audiopharm, a label from the SPV distribution (Germany), contacted the moodorama crew.

Both parties decided to work together and consequently two albums were dropped out: „Listen“, a smart and homogenous concept album and “Mystery in a cup of tea”, an unusual discussion between material and music, more sharp-edged than the earlier album but nevertheless a suitable companion for all walks of life. Despite this versatility the album nevertheless pursues the characteristic style of moodorama.

On their previous albums "Basement Music" (1998) and "Music For Collapsing People" (2000), “Listen” (2003) and “Mystery in a cup of tea” (2005) they represented themselves as masters of the combination of different styles and as experts of musical trends. moodorama therefore has done diverse remixjobs for Czech, Marschmellows, Justin, Jimmy Cliff, Tower of Power or the French Télépopmusic.
In 2006, moodorama found a new "Homenbase" at Mole Listening Pearls. The first release will be the new album called "My Name Is Madness". The title, an amusing yet poignant name for an album that, with its beautiful songs sitting comfortably in between a nice arrangement of lounge, pop, electro, bossa, chillout and house, never actually sounds as mad as one would expect. But nevertheless: the joy to try out crazy ideas, the glee trying new techniques and the happiness when combining elements is shining through subliminally, making this a glistening listening experience.

Creating that very ambience of relaxed moods that Moodorama are renouned for and which the listener can unbiassedly surrender to, everything is possible - and possibly a little mad. Be it the crunching shuffle beats and sailor's choirs like diplayed in "Space Cowboy", the loungy sophistication of a brass band right on the shores of "Summer’s Ocean" or the deep and sad vocals of "Even In Dreams" – there are neither limitations nor one simple stand point which makes this album so exiting. From "Novastar" to "Hot Lemonade", the journey takes the listener from one end to the universe to the other, one minute drifting through time and space on sweet cocktail grooves, and the next already light years away, right on the dancefloor driving tracks like "The Journey". Twists and turns included, the moments of surprise are wanted but never forced.

Again working with many acclaimed musicians and singers, managed to win praised singer and songwriter Strangejah Cole to lend his dignified vocals for the track "Even In Dreams" who, in 1962, gave freed republic Jamaica the first Ska and Reggae songs ever. Further highlights: the vocals of King Banana frontman U-See and Cosmophon singer Michael Frank.

All in all a very easy-to-digest, light-hearted and accomplished album with a that surprises and widens the horizon of the listener in a very pleasing way - a real enrichment for the label Mole Listening Pearls.

“moodorama certainly belongs to the most interesting representatives of the dazzling spectrum Electronica in the republic.” (Jazzthing 2003)


Basement Music (Shadow Rec.) CD

Music For Collapsing People (Stereo Deluxe) CD
Music For Collapsing People (Stereo Deluxe) 2LP
Viama (Stereo Deluxe) 12"

Sweet Toffee (Audiopharm) 12"
listen: (Audiopharm) CD
listen: (Audiopharm) 2LP
Eye-Land (Audiopharm) 12"
No Samba Me Criei (Audiopharm) 12"

Furious Floods (Audiopharm) 12"
Mystery In A Cup Of Tea (Audiopharm) CD

My Name Is Madness (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3

Mind Traffic (Mole Listening Pearls) 12", mp3

Audiobahn (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3

Beatzekatze (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3

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