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This amazing electro-acoustic jewel has a long history. The Czech formation was founded in 1996 and consisted of three established Prague musicians (Jan2, Jan5 and Dusan Only One) and a British vocalist (Charlie One). They started with their own label at the same time, got licensed by MFS (Berlin) and have been featured on DJ Kicks (!K7) by Nicolette of Massive Attack. The success continued with their first album "Ohmophonica!" being voted record of the year in Czech ‘Rock and Pop’ magazine.

They have played in many places throughout Europe alongside great names like Fat Boy Slim, Lou Reed, EZ Rollers, Apollo 440, Coldcut, Kosheen... One can truly say that "Ohm Square" worked hard to become one of Czech Republic’s most respected dance acts.

In 1998 they play mainly in Holland, Germany, Switzerland, and Czech Republic and slowly start to collect material for a next album. Recording of the second CD Scion was started in their own Prague studio called Eastauthentic and continued in Wubble-U's London studio Strange Weather. The album was produced by Duncan Forbes from Spooky. After the release of "Scion" in 1999, "Ohm Square" gives another european tour, thanks to production company Zjelva Pro Motion.
At home they receive Popular Music Academy's Angel award in 1999 and 2000, and listeners of Prague alternative Radio 1 choosed "Ohm Square" best group of the decade. Charlotte a.k.a. Charlie One has collaborated on many projects and is said to be one of the most significant singers in Czech dance scene. "Ohm Square" appears as a film makers’ favourite, so there are only a few movies which don’t feature a composition of theirs.

In 2007, it’s nearly 8 years since their last regular album. Therefore Mole Listening Pearls proudly announces the long awaited 3rd album “Love Classics”.
The slow burning process has added quality and substance capturing many emotions over a colourful period of time. In fact it was worth the wait - the album "Love Classics" presents a broad variety of sounds and styles.

It’s an electronic amalgamation of Pop, Dance, Downtempo, Disco-folk-Rock with a distinct “Woman Power” flavour.

You might expect a collection of love songs and you may be right concerning the fact that all songs are written from the perspective of a young woman and her love studies. Enjoy a well balanced mixture of electronic-acoustic easy listening pleasure where the tiny nuances point out "Ohm Square’s fabulous taste". The comfort is yours!
Famous for long periods of creating the new album “Taking Shape” was written and recorded in the last two years. Ohm Square, actually a trio with Jan Cechticky (Jan2), Jan Kleník (Jan5) and the english songstress Charlotte Fairman (Charlie One), is still one of the most famous Czech bands.

The follow-up longplayer of „Love Classics“ puts it concrete form. The strong songwriting and the intuition for clear and complex forms leads the sound of Ohm Square to a new quality of pop eclecticism. Placed between Soul, R'n'B, Breakbeat, Electro and Dance the exploding sound of Ohm Square's „Taking Shape“ fuses to light and dreamy but kind of abstract lounge styles in the ballads. It is amazing how careful the voice of Charlotte Fairman manages all the different styles and colours.
Between Kosheen and Moloko exists enough empty space to fill it with this funky, smooth and complex kind of power pop spiked with enough soul, sensitiveness, creativity and candidness.

This very direct and soulful album goes directly into heart and body and is definitely one of THE electro pop albums in 2009.

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Audio Interview, recorded in may 2009

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