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In the 17th century the alchemy tried in vain to produce gold artificially from different precious metals and gases. However, this task seems to come easy to the Swiss producer and guitarist Eric Hunziker and his project Q-Point - his alchemistic mixture of Songs and instrumental tracks of noble pop, groovy electro, warm trip-hop, jazz and d&b, enable his album "Nothing Else" to glisten like a gold bar in the sunshine. The discreet use of backward-loops and implicative guitar-bubbling slumbers under the semi-smooth surface.

The elements surprise the listener over and over again and give "Nothing Else" a pleasant sub pressure. The voice of New York singer Yasmine Meguid shines through the golden and soulful nuances of the album. The songs on "Nothing Else" tell stories about love, the strength of dreams and internal trips.
You can listen to "Nothing Else" in two different ways.You can take pleasure in the shining surface or you can celebrate an easy day by diving and snorkelling directly under the surface of the water through beautiful, gloomy coral reefs. Either let your soul be your pilot or discover your own feelings and thoughts through the musical ride of Q-Point.

Eric Hunziker studied at jazz schools in Freiburg, Bern and Lucerne. He concluded Lucerne in 1996 with the confederate certificate.
His studies enclosed guitar with Christy Doran and Roberto Bossard, as well as arrangement with Lars Lindval. He has concert activity with various bands and projects. He fiddles sounds on electronic and free music and works as a producer for his own studio project q-point. In 2004 he travelled to India and took lessons on the sitar and indian-guitar in Varanasi with Pt. Shrivnath Battajaria. As well as his great songwriter's qualities, Eric Hunziker's guitar playing skills arouse enthusiasm, supported by an extensive effect board. The guitar moves elegantly and masterfully, as if flying through the clouds.
Yasmine Meguid was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Swiss mother and an Egyptian father. She began singing in front of an audience at the age of four. Yasmine attended the La Guardia High School of Music and the Performing Arts in Manhattan before moving to Switzerland, where she continued her studies in singing. Yasmine soon made a name for herself as a lead and studio singer in the Swiss scene, making various appearances on different recordings as well as performing in several bands, choirs and other projects. She then started her own band "Nyle", a pop-rock group for which she still writes and sings her own songs today.
The musicians Marius Peyer (drums, percussion, additional programming) and Wolfgang Zwiauer (bass) add to the banging, groovy tracks of the album.


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