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Imagine Tokyo as a 10 gram light disc. You need just 80 minutes to whir happily and satisfied around and through the city.

The "Round Trip 2 Tokyo" starts during a rainy day. The raindrops hit gently against the wagon-windows. The train rolls in search for lovely days. The timetable points into the direction of the sun, the rails are aimed for "paradise". The engineers Soul G and Tony Match push their loco and the trip goes quickly but relaxing.

There is a lot to see and hear, until you went more and more away to find yourself suddenly everywhere in the world. For "Round trip 2 Tokyo" Soul G. and Tony Match have put an exclusive crew together. Mozez from the miraculous Zero7 with his gentle voice serves champagne in the dining car. The Danish singer LIV and Japanese singer Kaori Kaneko are the friendly conductor team, the refreshing voices for all the beautiful beats and breaks between the stops.

Tony Match is the musician. He is the gifted drummer and percussionist who has created his personal style from jazz, soul and Hip-Hop. Soul G is the DJ and producer. He is well known through his engagement with one of the best French Hip-Hop bands "La Rumeur".
He produced and also supported the band as a DJ on stage. On his own, Soul G sold more than 6.000 vinyl of his legendary "Skratch Action".Together, Soul G and Tony Match sold over 10.000 copies of their debut album "Pineapple Corner" (2003).

Their tracks appeared in TV shows and on a row of well known compilations.
Together with French agency Ki Communications Soul G and Tony Match created the new sound design for the website of Air France, followed by two DVD projects, which brought them together with Mozez, the voice of Zero7. The two friends get the idea to work more and more with "voices" on their new album, with the Danish LIV and the Japanese Kaori Kaneko, whose solo projects Soul G also took care as a producer.
With its pictures and dreams, "Round Trip 2 Tokyo" is an ingenious album. Every time one gets surprised how Soul G and Tony Match lay their rails between beats and sounds.

You come damn far around in Tokyo during 80 minutes and you have seen even a lot from the world.


Pineapple Corner (East West) CD

Round Trip 2 Tokyo (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3


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