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Wax Tailor

2006 was another top year for Wax Tailor. After his first two EPs „Lost the Way“ and „Que Sera / Where´s my heart at“ and the massive success of his debutalbum (more than 50.000 sold units and eight months in the official French Sales Charts) "Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies" (mole069-2) was getting release on Mole Listening Pearls as well. This album takes you on a 52 minutes long journey into the depth of his “cinematic hip hop” - 18 tracks raising loads of memories for sure.

Wax Tailor uses samples in his music as film directors use actors. His record is conceived as an orchestral movie between hip-hop and downtempo where Wax Tailor hijacks “The forgotten melodies” and tells a story of his own where each track is a sequence. In this large patchwork of numerous influences and multiple references to the seventh art, major names of the twentieth century music (Doris Day, Nina Simone...) could get a chance to meet Stanly Kubrick, Woody Allen or Alfred Hitchcock.

As for today’s artists, the US Hip-Hop band of The Others appears on the record to offer a tribute to the Hip-Hop culture in which Wax Tailor has been involved for 20 years. We also get a chance to “rediscover” Charlotte Savary from the French Band Clover.

Already there on the EP “Lost the way” she is the singer on the title “Our Dance”. Finally, Marina Quaisse’s violoncello runs through the whole album and delicately colours it with darker shades of melancholy which intensify the overall coherence of the album.

In 1998 he founded the “Lab’oratoire” label in order to produce different projects including La Formule as well as the Breakbeat series of “Breaking the wave” and the "Breathing Under Water" project with the Swedish Band Looptroop whose French tour he set up in 2001.

Thanks to this structure La Formule got repeated performances on festivals such as Logik Hip Hop in Marseille, Energ’hip hop in Nantes and radio broadcasts on France Inter, Nova, Skyrock and Radio Campus.

In 2001 as Wax Tailor had enough of French Rap and consequently started the Breathing Under Water project. The main idea has been to put together the international actors of this circle and the independents who are breathing under water in the ocean of the great capital under the same banner.

In 2002 the first EP of the project was released in France with Looptroop. At the same time he started producing on his newest idea - the Wax Tailor project...

The perfectionist Wax Tailor has delivered an album with "Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies" on Mole Listening Pearls that is playing with our collective memory. He is presenting us the soundtrack to a movie everybody could watch on his very own way.

An artist's second album is often seen as the moment of truth. Released in spring 2007 “Hope & Sorrow” (80 000 copies sold already) has been plebiscited by public, press & radios (nominated to French music award & US Indie music awards). Wax Tailor confirms his musical identity. Often categorized as trip-hop or down tempo hip-hop, Wax Tailor breaks musical barriers using a sonic palette to demonstrate his life chronicles tainted in soul, jazz, and funk.  The tone of “Hope & Sorrow” is set from the introduction, where sounds unwind in a long one take and finally give way to Nate Harrison’s essay from “Can I Get An Amen.” Through the course of 12 tracks and 3 interludes, he tells us a new story, unravelling like a movie scenario with vocal guests as his actors who deliver their lines to the tune of a great director.
Like his debut, “Hope & Sorrow” showcases an array of talented guest musicians. Also featured on “Tales,” Charlotte Savary’s voice finds a gentle balance of sweetness and self-confidence on “The Man With No Soul,” “To Dry Up” and “Alien In My Belly.” This songstress reminds one of Bristolian cabaret pop where melancholy and melodies intertwine. Sharon Jones, the leading figure of the neo soul movement, lets her voice soar to heights far beyond that of modern R&B on “The Way We Lived.”Ursula Rucker is the priestess of Spoken Words. A familiar of The Roots, she offers her most exciting track to date, “We Be,” a poem that epitomizes the struggles of independence.
LA based rapper, Voice, one of the true discoveries of this album, expresses a femininity in Rap on “The Games You Play” that is an all too rare occurrence. Marina Quaisse embraced the Wax Tailor project from the start and here again, She co-write a song and sprinkles softness through-out with her melancholic cello playing. The Others and A State Of Mind, no strangers to the underground hip-hop scene, drop their clever verses on the funky tracks “House of Wax” and “Positively Inclined.” “On my first album I had a lot of instrumental tracks,” explains JC, “I wanted to have more vocal guests on ‘Hope & Sorrow,’ which changed the way I approached song writing, giving the songs a more pop orientation.”
Written in both Paris and New York City, his third album “In the Mood for Life” is an organic landscape with orchestral accents. Taking its cues from Soul, Funk, Hip-Hop or 60’s Pop Music, this is one eagerly awaited 52 minute journey. Who else than this necromancer of forgotten melodies can assemble such a wide array of influences and make them coexist with such ease? On Wax Tailor album melancholic melodies reminiscent of The Cocteau Twins strike a delicate balance with a brand of Hip-Hop seldom seen since the days of Jurassic 5. Wax Tailor also masters the art of reinventing oneself, and although his signature sound is immediately identifiable, this new album establishes a true evolution both in terms of production and song writing. Sting instruments, which were once just extras, now assume a more prominent role (Dry Your Eyes, Go Without Me).
Where genres once crossed path from one track to another, they now collide within a track (This Train, Fireflies). The resulting sound is denser, more organic as well (Leave It, I Own You) and the song writing more finely chiseled.

With the opening notes, the mood sets the stage. Wax Tailor is now a sound stager, the director of an aural movie whose urban roots meet the perfect casting. Throughout this album, he appropriates a multitude of references with a very personal touch. His music is beyond genres and defies categorization, it is a modern brand of Pop music, designed with a rigor and an expertise that betrays the love this artist puts into his craft.

In september 2009, the third album "In The Mood For Life" was released on Mole Listening Pearls. Furthermore, the second album "Hope & Sorrow" will be released the first time in Germany. This ReRelease of the album will be a limited edition with additional mixes and the videos.


Lost the Way (Lab´oratoire) 12"
Que Sera | Where´s my hear at (Lab´oratoire) 12"

Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies (
Lab´oratoire) CD

Que Sera (Mole Listening Pearls) 12", mp3
Tales Of The Forgotten Melodies (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, mp3 -> Albumtrailer
Our Dance (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3

Hope & Sorrow (
Lab´oratoire) CD, LP, mp3 -> Albumtrailer
Positively Inclined | The Way We Lived (
Lab´oratoire) 12", mp3
To Dry Up | The Games You Play (
Lab´oratoire) 12", mp3

We Be | There Is Danger (
Lab´oratoire) SingleCD, mp3

Positively Inclined | The Way We Lived (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease
To Dry Up | The Games You Play (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease
We Be | There Is Danger (
Mole Listening Pearls) mp3 ReRelease
Say Yes (Mole Listening Pearls) SingleCD, mp3

In The Mood For Life (Mole Listening Pearls) CD, 2LP, mp3, mp3 (instrumental version)
-> Albumtrailer
This Train | Leave It (Mole Listening Pearls) mp3

Hope & Sorrow (
Mole Listening Pearls) 2CD (limited edition), mp3 -> Albumtrailer
I Own You (Mole Listening Pearls) Promo


Hypnosis Theme Video (big | small)
Our Dance Video (big | small)

Positively Inclined Video (big | small)

To Dry Up Video (big | small)
The Games You Play Video (big | small)

We Be Video (Clip 1 | Clip 2)

Say Yes Video (big | small)
In The Mood For Life (Making of) Movie (big | small)

This Train Video (big | small)

In The Mood For Life Tour 2010 Trailer (big | small)
I Own You Video (big | small)

I Own You (Making of) Movie (big | small)
Dragon Chasers Video (big | small)
Live @ Olympia (Paris) Trailer (big | small)

Audio Interview:

Interview, recorded @ Cologne, Germany (02.05.2006)


Wax Tailor Report, shown @ arte TV in German language (16.11.2007)

Tour Dates:

In The Mood For Life Tour 2009

In The Mood For Life Tour 2010 -> Videotrailer


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