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Audio Lotion

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More than just another Bossa - here comes the summer sun! The Suisse project Audio Lotion have been around since 1998, releasing two very nice albums (Advanced Skin Care/1999, Your Sonic Beauty Case/2001) located somewhere between fluffy ambient sounds and complex Drum n Bass-grooves. With „¡Adelante!“, they step out into the world and deliver an outstanding piece of multifaceted latin sounds which will enthuse a much wider audience. Supported by sexy vocal parts, sappy horn arrangements, and versatile percussionists, Audio Lotion deliver truly first class New Latin sounds. „¡Adelante!“ was produced in their own recording studio with Bo Kendren (who mastered e.g. the outstanding Jazzanovas Remixes) adding the final touch. Feathery grooves and catchy melodies keep on surprising the listener from track to track, giving rise to sensual desire, spreading pure magic and delivering tales of love and lust and pain. Refreshingly different from the wasteland of all the other Latin clones out there. Elegant, jazzy and verrry, verrry sexy. Purrrrrrre!

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TitleReal Audio
01. Adelante
02. Azul De Você
03. La Corriente
04. Lágrimas De Rocio
05. As Velas
06. El Insecto
07. Another Bossa
08. Tao Delicado
09. El Mensaje
10. Embrujado
11. A Chuva
12. Azul De Você II
13. Aloe Vera
14. O Deserto
15. Aquitane
16. Jacuzzi Jazz

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