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The Lushlife Project
Budapest Eskimos

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MP3-Album Download. Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi a.k.a. "The Lushlife Project" present an excellent fireworks of music with their album "Budapest Eskimos", which excites with wonderful, catchy, and easy-going melodies. Joie de vivre, fun, enjoyment, and dreaming - Lushlife! Whoever finds their bodies moving to the rythm, just a bit at first, then more and more: Don´t panic. This is what every listener experiences. Just go on dancing or melting away. In Hungary, and especially in Budapest, Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi are an integral part of the music and underground scene. They are the pillars and pioneers of an electronic music that is fascinating people far beyond the borders of its home country. They have brought their decades of experience in music into their "Lushlife Project", which has started about two years ago. To their experience, they added hungarian heart, temperament and their history. Zoltán Palásti Kovács is musicologist and historian. He has studied singing and plays all sorts of instruments. Under his pseudonym "zoohacker", he has already published on internationally known compilation tracks. Konrád Pilisi is a radio presenter with his own radio show, and a well-known DJ with excellent references. Trip-Hop, Soul, Jazz, Ethno - a seemingly neverending row of elements makes up the wonderful Lushlife project sound. It creates emotions, pictures, and atmosphere. What is special: The sources from which the two artists draw their inspiration are inexhaustible - Hungarian traditional music (see for example the title "Essence Of Our Origins") and the complete history of music, which Zoltán Palásti Kovács knows from his heart due to his studies. Tibetian folk songs cannot be blended into Trip-Hop? They do not harmonize? Wide of the mark! Zoltán Palásti Kovács and Konrád Pilisi prove the contrary. Their creative and innovative music has vision and future. Special highlights are their live performances which both artists appreciate and love. On stage together with other professional artist, soon everyone knows: If you are hot and cold at the same time, it must be the "Budapest Eskimos"!

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1: The Lushlife Project - Budapest Eskimos
2: The Lushlife Project - Soul Reservation Morning
3: The Lushlife Project - Popular Secret
4: The Lushlife Project - Essence Of Our Origins
5: The Lushlife Project - Grandmother Lovebox
6: The Lushlife Project - Wurlizer
7: The Lushlife Project - Danubian Breeze
8: The Lushlife Project - The Mushroom Man
9: The Lushlife Project - Spacephone
10: The Lushlife Project - Small Town In Your Eyes
11: The Lushlife Project - New York Mystic
12: The Lushlife Project - Spielplatz

Also available as: CD