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Cannot Walk Fly Instead

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Zagar are a headliner of the Hungarian electronic music scene. Their unique sound is based on electronic tunes, dub and rock elements flavoured by Eastern European soundtrack moods. The story of the band began in 2001 after the Shallow and Profound Tour, when three members of the "Yonderboi Quintet" (the live band around the Hungarian artist Yonderboi) started rehearsing separately from the Quintet. First, Balázs Zságer, Andor Kovács and DJ Bootsie performed as "Pulzus". The material they put together during the rehearsals and the earlier solo works of Balázs Zságer were synthesized and led to the creation of the characteristic sounds of the new band. In the summer of 2002 they played at different festivals in Hungary and abroad as well: this time under the new band name "Zagar". That year they also recorded their first album "Local Broadcast". The album was released end of 2002 in Hungary by Ugar Records (UCMG) and 2003 in Austria by Universal Jazz. "Local Broadcast" has received a warm welcome abroad by professionals and collectors alike. In Hungary, the album was selected for the chart of the 50 all time most important Hungarian records by the music magazine WAN2 beside albums from Yonderboi and Anima Sound System.

As they are all experienced musicians, their main virtue is playing live. At the performances they use many improvisations and they develop the structure of their songs by mixing many genres like hip-hop, jazz, house and dub with a special sense of style. Today Zagar has five members: Balázs Zságer (producing, keyboards, vocals), Andor Kovács (guitar), Ákos Zságer Varga (bass), DJ Bootsie (scratches) und Tibor Lázár (drums). On top of this George Ligeti is frequently a featured vocalist. They have already played in UK, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, The Czech Republic and Russia. During performances, visual art projection is used to connect Russian avant-garde films with modern cinema and surrealism.

On their second album entitled "Cannot Walk Fly Instead", they mix cosmic electronic tunes with psychedelic prog-rock while sometimes using church choir elements and quotes from movies to merge the past and the future in a surrealistic way. For the song "Wings of Love" they invite on top six of the most popular independent female singers from Hungary (The Underground Divas). The concept of the album is a kind of exodus from the stereotypes of cosmopolitan urban living, delving into the mysteries and spiritual experiences of the 21st Century Man. They try to convey their imaginations with simple regular issues as solitude, desire for love, nostalgia or vanity. The title "Prophet Is A Fool" is already a small foretaste of the exciting new album by Zagar.

This is a Special Edition including a BonusCD with additional remixes from the song "Wings of Love".

Trailer: Cannot Walk Fly Instead

Video: Three Seasons Fall | Photo Shooting "Cannot Walk Fly Instead"

Free Download: Prophet Is A Fool

Audio Interview with Balázs Zságer, the bandleader of Zagar

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TitleReal Audio
CD1 Cannot Walk Fly Instead 1. Seance
2. Prophet Is A Fool
3. RocknRoll Goes To The Girls
4. North Pole Samba
5. Love Strangeness
6. Escape From The Earth
7. Learn To Fall
8. The Snob
9. Never The Same
10. Three Seasons Fall
11. Dorian Grays Dilemma
12. Longing For Solitude
13. Wings of Love feat. Underground Divas
14. Without Shades
CD2 Wings Of Love Remixes 1. Wings Of Love (DJ Bootsie Remix)
2. Wings Of Love (Albin Janoska Remix)
3. Wings Of Love (Goldierocks And Audio Remix)
4. Wings Of Love (Anorganik's Nervy Rework)
5. Wings Of Love (Bossasaurus Remix)
6. Wings Of Love (Demon Superior Rework)
7. Wings Of Love (Kovary Remix)
8. Wings Of Love (Eriq Johnson Remix)
9. Wings Of Love (Modul Remix)
10. Wings Of Love (B-Sensual Remix)
11. Wings Of Love (Karmatronic & Candyman Da Marquis Remix)
12. Wings Of Love (We Plants Are Happy Plants Remix)

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